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Everett School District south region Assistant Superintendent Peter Scott to take on additional responsibilities

Since 2012, Peter Scott has served as Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning, supporting schools in the district’s south region. That includes Jackson High School and the middle and elementary schools whose students transition into JHS. On July 1st, he will have broader, district-wide responsibilities as Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment and Special Programs.

"BYB’S (Boring Yard Busters) for February," by the Whistling Gardener

This 'Purple Stem Sweet Box' is not only beautiful but the smell is simply heavenly!  Photo courtesy of Sunnyside Nursery.

As I promised in January, every month throughout this year I am going to give you a list of plants that I think are worthy of adding interest to our gardens. If you plant a few from each month’s list your garden will magically evolve into a four seasons-of-interest landscape that you will find yourself drawn out into to discover who’s on stage for the month.