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  • Reply to: Comcast announces discounted high-speed Internet for Snohomish County low-income residents   4 days 12 hours ago

    The article fails to mention that you cannot be or have been a Comcast customer for the last 90 days.  This program is not advertised very well to those who could benefit from it. 

    I fall under multiple of the qualification requirements, however, when I finally received my housing assistance I needed internet service and my options were limited to basically just (the high cost) Comcast, so I was stuck signing up for service with them.  That was less than a year ago. 

    I just now learned of this discount program.  When I inquired with Comcast about info for it they said it was the "government agencies" responsibility to advertise it/get the info out. 

    I receive multiple services that qualify and have never received info on the program. 

    The discount would be a huge financial help, but because I already have service (at a financial struggle) I cannot get it.  That hardly seems fair and seems kind of discriminatory. 

    What about people whose financial circumstances suddenly change?  Or, like me, finally receive housing assistance after being on a waitlist for years (though I meet some of the other qualifications)?  

    It really sucks given the poor advertisement of the program.