Cascade High robotics team reaches out to community

Brother helping sister with robot at Fun Fest. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.
Brother helping sister with robot at Fun Fest. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

From an Everett Public Schools New Release.

Cascade High robotics team talks about FIRST Robotics (for inspiration and recognition of science and technology).

The robotics team at Cascade High is excited about their program and sharing that excitement with others.

They attended two events in October, Fun Fest and Lunch and Learn, to help educate students and community members about robotics.

Four team members; Brandon Apuan, Saiyan Moeun, Morgan Glover, and Daniel Ramirez, participated in a community activity called Fun Fest hosted by Cascade High School. They set up a booth displaying the robotics program and how it could help students in their futures.

We taught kids how to drive the robot and while the kids were driving the robots, we also had a member of the team talk to the parents about the robotics program and how they could get into it.” said Brandon Apuan.

While watching kids drive the robot, we noticed that some were great drivers and might even be better than some of us,” chuckled Saiyan Moeun. “One kid was actually able to get two glasses into the robot’s bucket arm and put them into a bucket in under a minute. He was actually very close to getting all three of the glasses into the bucket in one minute!”

Morgan Glover added, “All kids that drove were given a driver’s license, a piece of candy for driving and the experience of being part of the FIRST robotics program. We all felt good that we inspired kids to think about joining a robotics team in the future.”

We hope that showing kids what robotics is all about will help to get them inspired to learn,” said Daniel Ramirez.

Cascade robotics team at Crane Aerospace. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

The team’s second event took them to Crane Aerospace for their Lunch and Learn event. The robotics team was invited to speak to Crane employees about the FIRST robotics program.

Crane is one of the major contributors to the FIRST robotics program in Washington,” said robotics team member James Ramirez. “They were keen to educate their employees about what we do and how they can get involved with FIRST teams in their area.”

We were there to demo older robots, tell the employees about FIRST robotics, and how FIRST has impacted our education and our outlook for the future,” said team member Michael Muster.

We also covered the growth of FIRST in our communities and how the employees can get involved. Later on in the lunch, we drove the robots around and answered different questions about the robot, and our plan for the future.”

It was a great opportunity to reach out into the community,” said team member John Paul Gaston.

“We had a lot of fun, and a lot of the employees that were there seemed very interested in what we are doing. Crane also gave us a tour of their facilities and told us about their company and what they do, which was really interesting.”

FIRST is expanding rapidly, especially here around Cascade High School,” added team member Cassidy Beveridge.


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