Change the Status Quo in Congress

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In November, we have the opportunity to change the status quo in our state and country. One critical step in that direction is to defeat the current congresswoman who is supposed to represent us in the 1st Congressional District. Does she represent you? She has no respect for the 2nd Amendment; she has no respect for the borders of the United States; and she has no respect for Life.

If she has her way, she will take away our guns; grant amnesty to the 10’s of millions of illegal aliens who have entered our country over the past several decades; and, she will continue to support late-term and partial-birth abortions. Not only that, but her tax-n-spend policies will give no relief to our kids and grandkids, already burdened by nearly $20 Trillion dollars of debt.

Robert Sutherland will be a more reasonable vote in Washington DC. He respects and understands the U.S. Constitution and the role of the federal government. He is not a politician and will be beholden to no one, other than you, the voter. If you agree that we need to change the status quo, please give Robert J. Sutherland your support in the upcoming election. For more information, check out his website:

Jeannette Sumpter
Bothell, WA

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