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This is an important election for the city,

Since there have been so many erroneous statements made by "The View" and Terry Ryan, I felt I should weigh in.

1. The strategic plan is a forward thinking "PLAN" for the future. It is a direction. It is not engraved in stone. It is a plan -- no business or city should operate with out one. For the 8 years I was on the council, we always talked about 'where we want to be in x # of years"... but we never got anything on paper. We spent a lot of time talking, but if you don't have the plan spelled out, what is it?

2. Within a strategic plan is the ideas and sources, and resources available to the city. It is a matter of discussion and consideration that ALL sources be listed. That would include property taxes, sales tax, business & occupation taxes, fees, municipal district; bonds, and utility taxes.

Utility taxes have ALWAYS been listed as a potential source of income - and have always been turned down by the city council. For 8 years of being on council, every year it was mentioned that we could impose a utility tax, and every time, the council said 'no thanks.' Just because it is a potential source, doesn't mean it is being considered or actually being voted.

All the hoopla about the incumbent council members wanting and are ready to vote for a utility tax is pure bunk. It is not now, nor has it ever been part of any discussion of revenue. It is merely ONE of the many possible choices all councils could use to financie city expenses.

3. Civic center? It is always the responsibility of city councils to try to plan for the future. We've had the same discussion for years. We in fact approved building a public works facility across from the sports park about 4.5 years ago. The council has since postponed it, probably for cost reasons. But, all things start with conversations, about where people are, what their plans are, what they are thinking. Our city manager, at the request of the council, started asking questions. The fact that there was a drawing in The View was misleading; appearing that things are further along than they actually are... which is no where.

4. We have the best city manager I've met in my 12 years of involvement. Ken Armstrong is diligent, a planner, an innovator. Thank goodness, he is a fantastic executive.

The incumbents are Donna Michelson, Kathy Nielson, Bart Masterson and Lynn Sordell. Every one of them has years and years of experience that helps this city plan for the future, assure the present. They all are passionate about this city and continuing in the great traditions of excellence, and fiscal responsibility that councils for our entire 30 years have shared. IF we had not had forward planning, we would not have a town center, with its restaurants, and shops. We have to plan for the future. These four individuals have all proven they have the time, temperament and talent to continue providing good service and representation for the citizens of Mill Creek.

I encourage you to vote as soon as your ballots arrive so you don't forget. This has been a rather nasty fight because of The View's involvement. That publication is a huge disservice to this community. It is slanted, and slanderous. The fact that Terry Ryan and Pam Pruitt are allowed to continue writing for it is a shame.

Please help us keep these good, dedicated public servants in office. Please feel free to send this along to your friends. Please vote. Please participate in this, our greatest freedom... of voting for our representation.

Mary Kay Voss

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