City Council Elections

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This year's election for the Mill Creek City Council is very important for the continuation of high quality leadership of our city's government.

For the past four weeks, there have been articles and statements made by challengers to the incumbent Council members that are blatantly untrue. The Council has Not discussed plans to displace current business owners in order to build a new City complex and the Council has Not approved nor discussed implementing a utility tax. These statements are being used by the challengers to the incumbents as a means to discredit the good work they have done in creating good policy and a sustainable budget, retaining outstanding staff, and hiring one of the best City Managers in the County.

It is sad that people choose to use misinformation to promote themselves.

I encourage all voters in Mill Creek to vote to retain Council members Masterson, Michelson, Nielsen and Sordel. With their leadership the City will be able to continue to be led by responsible decision making based on the best interests of the majority of the citizens of Mill Creek.

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