City Councilmember Race to Mediocrity

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Four Mill Creek’s City Councilmembers Race To Mediocrity

The City of Mill Creek’s mission statement notes: “The City of Mill Creek is Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Public Service Valued by the Community to preserve and Enhance Our Quality of Life.”

With this mission statement supposedly in the minds of our city leaders on January 13th, the city council major agenda item was to listen to seven candidates, who applied hopefully to become an interim councilperson. The seat became available when Councilman Mark Harmsworth resigned his position so he would be able to do his duty as a member of the State House of Representatives. Now it was the representative’s of the City of Mill Creek duty to select the BEST candidate (As private enterprise would do!) to fill the vacant position.

Each of our city elected officials had an obligation not to look out for their own interest nor the interest of the controlling group on the council; but rather to choose the MOST qualified person to represent and serve the citizens of Mill Creek. After the first round of voting three candidates pulled ahead of the pack, but not one received the four votes necessary to become a city councilperson.

So another round of voting took place. This time, but unlike private enterprises’ goal of picking the best of the best for the job or like the Mill Creek Little League Baseball coaches picking only the best players to be on their select team, the Mill Creek council’s majority thought only about themselves and how they collectively could keep the majority vote, went on to choose a mediocre candidate to sit as a councilmember.

While attending numerous council meetings or individually talking with several councilpersons, I often heard government being compared to private enterprise and in all cases these councilpersons saw government as looking the worst.

Well, in the case of IBM, Amazon, Fed Ex, Nordstrom, etc. they would have selected the OUTSTANDING candidate. But four of our councilpersons were not concerned with choosing the outstanding candidate, nor concerned for the betterment of our city; but rather they were more interested in their own selfishness. So these four leaders didn’t select the overwhelming outstanding contender, Lynn Sordel, they seemed to have selected their already handpicked person and an individual they could control. After all the interviewees were tested, at best their aspirant came across as being a mediocre candidate! To put it another way: “NO INDEPENDENT THINKERS NEED TO APPLY. WE ONLY WANT ‘YES’ PEOPLE.”

These four councilmembers are often the same men and women who constantly ask: “Why doesn’t the government function as good as private enterprise?” Well, here lies the answer. The four powerful majority councilmembers are not looking out for the betterment of the city. Their main objective is to keep the sure votes in their collective hands.

Our city mission statement, should be chiseled on the wall above the council chamber; but with this modification: “The City Council of Mill Creek is dedicated to providing MEDIOCRE public service. The Council lets private enterprise provide the exceptional service.“

Chuck Wright

Needs of the city

Mr. Sordel is obviously a qualified individual expressing interest in the interim appointment to the Mill Creek city council.

I submitted my letter of interest to the council because I saw a need that was not being met. I did not have a list of the other interested individuals.

I just noticed a position with the Snohomish Health Board that has not had a Mill Creek Council representative resulting from the ILA. I considered myself to be a good fit for it which is currently represented by a Brier City Council member.

Obviously, I considered myself as the best fit, that is why I submitted my letter. It is obvious from your letter to the editor that you had strong feelings about having the council choose Mr Sordel, however, I don't think it is appropriate for you to make such a sweeping claim.

I expect the council to do their best to make a decision in the best interests of the people they represent. You may feel that the council is overweight with law enforcement personnel as a result of the newest appointee, however, I encourage you to consider others' points of view. You just might find you are not the all-wise individual you claim to be.

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