City Manager Position

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There is no reason why the City of Mill Creek needs to hire out-of-state for this position. There are people in this state and in this community or in nearby communities that offer a proven track record of excellent management.

Lets find the best here.  It will allow the council to better determine if he or she will be a good fit for the position.

Barbara McCarron

... but the local candidates have been watching.

I'm not sure anybody who is competent would want to come to Mill Creek.  All they need to do is look at recent history.

Maybe it is time for a change.  How about dividing the city into voting districts so every part of the city can have "local" representation and having an elected mayor.  We are way too MCCA-centric.  How many other HOAs have regular visits from city hall at their monthly meetings?  I can't wait for the MCCA to try to get Mill Creek Surface Water Management to take over responsibility for all of the ponds in the MCCA that need millions of dollars to be dredged.  I think they are already trying to form a coup of the city council to make that happen.  Beware.

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