The City Needs An Economic Development Strategy

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With the pending closure of Safeway and the likelihood Council will vote to declare a six month moratorium on development at the East Gateway, I believe this provides a window of opportunity for the City to create an Economic Development Strategy.

Last year, our citizens stepped up and submitted a series of ideas related to the same subject.
To date, Council has not decided what to do with them. In the next 6 months, Council should invest in a consultant to consider these ideas and create more that could clearly define a strategy for the City's economic future.

Because there are very few sites available for business and commercial development in our city, the use of those must be carefully considered and planned. Council has clearly articulated the importance of sales tax revenues to pay for services. An Economic Development Strategy with specific action and implementation strategies will certainly benefit all of our residents.

This idea has been adopted by other small cities, and they have all used them to encourage small business development, recruiting key target business categories and expanding their economic base. This is another way to re-engage the citizens who devoted their time and ideas. Why not use them to be part of the evaluation team when proposals are submitted?

Now is the time for the City to spend some money on a comprehensive plan that could generate monies for services that will continue to increase.

Lynn D. Sordel
Mill Creek
Candidate for City Council Position 5

Need transparency in revenue generation

My concern over the council's focus on sales tax revenue generation is the lack of transparency.

If you are like me, you stop by a cash register a dozen times per day, or more. You are paying your taxes, as the city council demands, but most people are left scratching their heads about what they pay and where it goes.

Consumers all know and accept that the out of pocket costs of their orders are not really $4.99, say, but some higher cost. It would be wise to have greater transparency in the taxes paid by our friends and neighbors as well as a more balanced approach to generating revenue.

I know tens of thousands of people living in the city boundaries who would benefit from having a lower tax burden under a transparency strategy.

Nothing new here on Economic Development

Each comment Sordel has made has been made previously by others including current members of the city council. These ideas are already being acted upon. So, as has been stated previously Sordel offers nothing new or novel.

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