City's Sports Field Partnership with ESD

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In the last council meeting it was characterized very well by a longtime Councilmember how the Council and City arrives at decisions - “glacially”. Well put, because at times it has been exasperating for the citizens to endure. What has been witnessed though in just a matter of a couple short weeks has been five councilmembers in marked contrast, now operating at a “warp speed” to change their support for the City’s partnership with Everett School District to improve the sports field at Jackson HS. We’ve witnessed five councilmembers in two meetings grasping at trying to come up with five excuses. None of these excuses hold water.

When events have happened as quickly as they have, especially with illogical reasoning – it leaves one to think that this has all the appearances of either collusion or a special interest at work. We don’t want to believe this in our own City government.

Five councilmembers are disregarding countless hours of City’s staff time present compelling and facts and financial benefits to making this partnership happen.

Five councilmembers are disregarding strong and diverse support from the community for making this partnership happen.

Five councilmembers are killing a relationship that has been fostered over several years to build. Their cavalier attitude in thinking that a relationship can be just put on hold is insulting. Once broken, it is over and there is irreparable harm. Five councilmembers are also blind to the fact that a successful partnership with ESD could grow into the City’s use of other school fields in the City.

I do not have children or Grandchildren affected by this, but I do see six youngsters in my immediate neighborhood who would. When you think of what the government and society has already piled on the futures of our youth to bear, there should be every effort to help them where we can and where it is so obvious. If this partnership is broken, the losers here will be an entire “lost generation” of Mill Creek youngsters who will be unable to enjoy sports almost immediately in a safe environment in their very own City.

Councilmembers Todd and Michelsen are to be commended for their strong support and recognition of the immediate value that the City’s partnership with the ESD be can for the youth of our City. We do know now that it is possible for Councilmember’s Bond, Harmsworth, Kelly, Pruitt, and Holztclaw to work on issues quickly – when they want to. They still have time to reconsider their actions.

Thanks for listening.

Larry Mayer

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