Confusion over Firefighters Endorsement

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I was confused when I read the recent “Mill Creek Firefighters Endorsement” on your website in which they are depending on Pam Pruitt, a “candidate” for Mill Creek City Council Position #3, to continue to show strong support for fire and emergency services in Mill Creek.

For clarification I contacted Kathy Nielsen who is a current councilmember and opponent of Pam Pruitt. She explained to me that the contract for fire and emergency services has nothing to do with the support of “community leaders” (i.e. Pam Pruitt?)

During my conversation with Kathy she actually enlightened me to the fact that the city contracts with the Fire District to provide services to our residents. (Kathy Nielsen actually signed the contract as Mayor 23 years ago when she previously served on the council).

So again, I am still bewildered how a Firefighters Union could endorse a candidate for Mill Creek City Council who has never had dialogue on future negotiations with the fire district and literally has nothing to do with a contract for essential services.

Judie Mohr
Mill Creek

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