Council Member Bond Refuses Accountability

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At the October 2, 2018 meeting the Mill Creek City Manager, Rebecca Polizzotto was terminated “without cause” by an unanimous vote of the council.

After listening to the tape of this meeting there was a statement made by Council Member Mark Bond after the vote, which deeply troubled me.

Bond’s statement was, “Just want to say thank you to the staff and recognize that there has been some unique challenges for some of you over the last couple of years that we weren’t aware of at our level.”

I was shocked and angered to hear these words from his mouth.

At the Sept. 27, 2016, council meeting, Council Member Bond supported suspending the Personnel Committee, which was to review the annual performance of the city manager. Mark Bond was a member of that three-person committee and privy to the ongoing mistreatment of employees by Rebecca Polizzotto. At this Sep. 27th meeting he said that “the committee is not for grievances.”

Two and a half years later, it took four directors, three of which were hired by Polizzotto to take their complaint to an attorney with whistleblower protection before the council decided to investigate.

Here we are now three years later, Polizzotto has been terminated, we have lost employees with immeasurable knowledge and history and here we have a council member publicly stating he had no idea what was going on.

This lack of accountability of his responsibilities after serving our community for over 16 years is frightening. I expect much better of an elected official who chooses to represent me. It's time for new council members in Mill Creek.

Kathy Nielsen

Council Member Bond's Hypocracy

Mr. Bond's recent public comments about how he "values" city employees is the epitomy of hypocracy. His posturing and affectation is getting old and is extremely disingenuous. What is fact is he ignored numerous warning signs messaged by many city staff and he totally ignored them. Another fact was he was part of a misguided and politically motivated strategy to eliminate the city's Personeel Committee which was created to be the place where employees could voice their concens about workplace issues. His blatant neglect hasn't gone unoticed by the remaining staff and concerned citizens who are fed up with this attitude. The 2019 election cannot come soon enough. Mill Creek deserves better. 

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