Councilmember selection ignores diversity issues

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Dear Editor:

While I agree with the Council that I was not the most qualified applicant for the Position #1 vacancy, I am appalled that a choice was made that increased the racial and gender homogeny of the City’s representation.

Mill Creek’s biggest weakness, in my opinion, is not taking an active, responsible position regarding issues of systemic marginalization.

In this historical moment of correction to issues of women’s equality with the #metoo movement, it is irresponsible to allow 51% of the population to be represented by 86% of the Council (six men out of seven councilmembers).

It is also unfortunate that the approximately 20% of Mill Creek’s residents who are People of Color have no representation in the Council.

This process illustrates a problem with the current system of City Council elections.

If 60% of the City is in one group, and 40% in another, the 40% will never be able to vote in a representative councilmember, despite being a sizeable minority. Our national crises of division can never be addressed without more universal representation.

Furthermore, Mill Creek cannot achieve, and should not achieve, its goal of becoming a national leader among municipalities without being a leader on issues of social justice.

I support the current Council for its excellent stewardship in most things, but will continue to advocate for a more inclusive culture in local government.


Carmen Fisher
Mill Creek

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