Dangerous intersection near the Town Center

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Dear Editor

This week I tried to help bring attention to the dangerous intersection at 153rd St SE and Bothell Everett Hwy – right near the University Bookstore at the Town Center. If you have ever walked across the intersection (especially the north end), you have likely realized how dangerous the intersection is for pedestrians. Neighbors of mine whom I've spoken with have had similar experiences as I have had. On numerous occasions they have had to literally jump out of the way as they were walking across the intersection, in the crosswalk, with the walking right-of-way signal, in the middle of a sunny day, while a driver of a car turning left out of the Town Center to head north on Bothell-Everett did not see them.

The intersection is also dangerous for car drivers and passengers. From my own inquiries, there have been 8 reported accidents logged with the Fire Department in the last 12 months at that intersection. Most of the accidents have involved multiple vehicles but one was a pedestrian struck by a car. One of the accident victims was taken to Swedish Medical Center in Mill Creek.

I addressed the Mill Creek City Council on Tuesday evening, March 3rd, 2015 requesting that they take action on preventing further accidents and potential serious injury resulting cases.

I made several requests including:
1) I asked the council members to obtain firsthand experience. Try walking across all 4 corners of the intersection – in the day or night. With or without the safety flags that have been placed at the 4 corners - an obvious admission to the problem but an inadequate remedy.
2) The traffic lights could and should be reconfigured to permit left turns on left arrow only.
3) I asked for feedback on my draft flier that I plan to distribute that warns people of the danger.

Register your concern by phone at:
City of Mill Creek City Hall: 425 745 1891

Walk and drive carefully to and from the Town Center.

Jeff Heckathorn
Mill Creek, WA

Turn signal

This seems like a legitimate issue. This is not a parks and rec, beautification, or even maintenance issue all of which take hours upon hours of time away from elected officials. This is a legitimate safety request. Adding a turn arrow would pay off in decreased rates of accidental injuries. I can certainly support our city council in taking action.

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