Did the city council know that Sean Kelly wasn't a resident?

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The Editor

Mill Creek’s voters’ outrage was in full force when we voted for one of our incumbents to continue to serve as a city councilman. Mill Creek’s rebellious streak was made clear that we would not put up with a non-incumbent-candidate.

This seems to be apparent that even though we were forewarned and on 11-17-17 it was verified by the Snohomish County Canvasing Board that since July 2017 Councilperson Shawn Kelly was not a legal city citizen.

In the end those 71 percenters who voted for Kelly really let their vote become a non-vote. We just handed our city councilmembers our proxy vote. So now they can do with it as they wish.

But there still are question we voters must confront.

Are we Mill Creekers going to demand from council to tell us what they intend to do about Kelly’s probable unlawful council votes?

Are we citizens just going to continue to stay out of our council’s way and let them do whatever they wish to do? Which includes supporting their collective silence when they knew or had to know Kelly was not a legal resident?

Did our elected officials hold this important information from us because they wanted Kelly to win knowing he would have to resign? Then our councilmembers would have the legal power to appoint a puppet?

Is there going to be a Snohomish County investigation to determine if this unauthorized candidate committed other violations? Such as voter’s fraud by voting in a city when he was not a citizen?

Chuck Wright
Mill Creek

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