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Looks like Kathy Nielsen and Didrik Voss speaking for his wife former council member Mary Kay Voss got some egg on their faces last night at the November 8th Mill Creek council meeting.

Nielsen was concerned and complaining about how the council was handling the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Mr. Voss reading Mary Kay Voss letter, which appeared to be written in the vernacular, indicated concerns about rolling up the Parks and Rec’s Departments funding in to the general fund.

The Mayor Pro Tem and council Member Mike Todd pointed out that the changes in the CIP were proposed by former City Manager Ken Armstrong in 2014 and voted on by the entire council which included council member Donna Michelson and former Mayor Mike Todd.

The Voss’s were informed that the funding for Parks and Recs were still being accounted for separately. As previously mention in a council meeting, they were also told by the city manager, that they had discussed with the State Auditor the proper procedures on handling the numerous separate funds the city maintains to ensure that they were in compliance with all applicable laws and good practices.

All Kathy Nielsen and Mary Kay Voss had to do was ask rather than trying to make a spectacle but that was their intent. The city manager gracefully invited them to call her anytime to schedule a meeting to discuss the issues. Better yet all they had to do was attend the council meeting on a regular basis and they would have known the answers.


Wil Nelson
Red Cedar

Editor’s note:

In his effort to disparage Kathy Nielsen and the Voss’s, Wil Nelson misrepresented the issues that the speakers raised.

To put the record straight, Kathy Nielsen’s main complaint was that for the first time Mill Creek has not made an effort to involve the public in putting together projects for the next budget’s Capital Improvement Program. This does seem to be a policy change that has never been discussed in public.

Mary Kay Voss wanted to ask about last year’s policy change that eliminated the 15% discount on Parks and Recreation events that Mill Creek residents used to enjoy.

She was ill last night and since she couldn’t present her comments in person, a city staff member was asked to read the letter into the record for her. The staff member replied that the city manager would not allow the letter to be read into the record, so Didrik Voss read his wife’s letter.

Neither of these policy changes were addressed by the city council last night.

Editor's note

Thank you for setting the record straight.

Mary Kay Voss

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