Elevated Nature Trail Spring Walk at the Northwest Stream Center

Northwest Stream Center vegetation: Skunk Cabbage Flower (also referred to as a “forest lantern”).  Photo credit: Tom Murdoch.
Northwest Stream Center vegetation: Skunk Cabbage Flower (also referred to as a “forest lantern”). Photo credit: Tom Murdoch.

From a press release by Tom Murdoch, Adopt A Stream Foundation Director.

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, between 10 am and noon, Zoologist Tom Noland, Naturalist Lori Powlas, and Stream Ecologist Tom Murdoch will be hosting the first public walk on the new Elevated Nature Trail at the Northwest Stream Center.

The walk will be limited to no more than 30 people interested in seeing the interconnections between forest, wetland, streams, fish, wildlife and people. 

The Northwest Stream Center is located in Snohomish County’s McCollum Park at 600 –128th Street SE, Everett WA.

Pre-registration for this two hour event is required by calling the Adopt A Stream Foundation (AASF) at 425-316-8592; $7 AASF members, $10 non-members.

 “It will be a few months before the Northwest Stream Center (see background information below) can be open for the public on a daily basis,” said Adopt A Stream Foundation Director Tom Murdoch.  “But we are going to conduct a few guided tours along the Elevated Nature Trail in the coming weeks - the wetland and forest vegetation along the route is absolutely beautiful now...and walking on the raised boardwalk gives visitors the sensation of floating above the wetlands and forest floor.”

To reserve a space on the Elevated Nature Trail Spring Walk, call 425-316-8592; $7 AASF Members, $10 Non-members.

The NWSC is located in Snohomish County’s McCollum Park on an approximately 20-acre site dominated by wetlands next to a salmon stream named North Creek.  

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The Adopt A Stream Foundation is developing this environmental learning facility in partnership with Snohomish County Parks and Recreation. Its central themes are stream and wetland ecology & fish and wildlife habitat restoration.  

On site features include:

Connection of the east and west sections of the Elevated Nature Trail was celebrated on February 5th with the installation of the last deck board using “golden screws” (gold painted stainless steel).  

The old log Wetland Crossing bridge was replaced with a new recycled plastic wood bridge on March 6.   

Currently underway is construction of a wheel chair accessible deck around the Gate House.

 Next on the docket:

  • Grading the 250’-long Entry Trail for universal accessibility.
  • Producing and installing Interpretive Signs that focus on the interconnections between forests, wetlands, fish, wildlife and people.
  • Replacing the log Trout Stream Crossing bridge with a new recycled plastic lumber bridge (sponsors needed).
  • Installing Security Fence and a Gate at the head of the Entry Trail (sponsors needed)
  • Installation of Night Lighting along the Entry Trail and in the Trout Stream Exhibit (sponsors needed).
  • Installation of three dimensional “Stream Scene Art” on the Trout Stream Exhibit headwater walls (a 10’-high by 100’ long concrete landscape (sponsors needed).
  • Installation of a “Green Roof” on the Trout Stream Exhibit mechanical room roof (sponsors needed).
  • Several other minor essentials: installation of an admissions window on the Gate House, an awning above that window, and a rain gutter under the Gate House Green Roof leading to rain barrels (sponsors needed).



Threatened wetlands

I hope the discussion includes the threat to our Mill Creek streams and wetlands that Yellow Flag Iris and Nightshade are creating. Both of these invasive and noxious plants are beginning to seriously invade and choke off our precious wetlands and streams!!

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