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There comes a time when one has heard enough. After reading the latest comments from Mr. Nelson, I decided I had heard enough and must provide some observations.

Having lived in our great City for the last 9 years I’ve observed Mr. Nelson’s “gift” of being able to take a single fact and creating an opinion, sometimes plausible and many times pure fantasy.

Over time, it seems Mr. Nelson has also personalized his opinions that there seems to be some sort of vendetta intended.

I am writing because I was fed up continuing to read Mr. Nelson’s commentaries of half-truths, misinformation, and conspiracy theories. Remember, Mr. Nelson helped perpetuate the “Big Hoax” election two years ago and continues to do so. Mr. Nelson’s recent opinion that there is some secret society “cabal” in Mill Creek was one of his more humorous conspiracy theories.

In his latest running commentary regarding the City budget, his references to the Economic Development Committee’s (EDC) work is pure fiction. The meetings of the EDC were open to the public to attend, which I attended and followed the committee to its conclusion and presentation to the Council. From my notes and observations, Mr. Nelson never attended these EDC meetings. His insinuation that former City Manager Ken Armstrong may have influenced this 15 member committee is pure hogwash.

If I have one last opinion about Mr. Nelson’s publicity hobby, I would ask that he would take in consideration what his words may mean to a new resident of this great City as a first impression. It is not representative of what this great City is really about.

To the Council candidate’s Mr. Sordel and Mr. Carlson who have shown professionalism in responding to Mr. Nelson’s blather, please have some solace in knowing that there are now more in our great City that understands what the truth is.

Thanks for listening.

Larry Mayer

Enough is Enough

A few truths.

If Sordel, Carlson and Mr Mayer had not posted to this newspaper I would have had nothing to comment on!

Fundamentally, I disagree with Sordel and Carlson from a political stand point. Sordel is a life time bureaucrat. I do not want that in my elected officials and he has shown no propensity for fiscal restraint. The Lynnwood budget he work on proves that, he added services and then asked for increased taxes.

Having been an attendee at the city council meetings for over 6 years and some before going back 11 years it its my intention not to let anyone forget about the foibles of past council actions which have cost the taxpayer dearly. Some elected's would like that but it is not going to happen.

As for the EDC, having had a number of prior conversations with Mr. Schatz I thought I knew him fairly well but what came out of the EDC floored me. It was not the conclusion of recent council discussion on problems with recent annexations but did closely followed the former city mangers thoughts and opinions. I have also been told that this was the case.

A cabal is nothing more than a group of like minded people. In this case they kept coming back to council meeting as a group along with other an like minded individuals. Some who continue to publish article after article in other local media outlets slamming our new council with out relent. I could use terms other than cabal but then the comments would be much longer.

As for this great city is does not need is a bunch of politicians who lost an election and cannot appear to reconcile themselves to the fact. Having lived in two other places where this occurred everyone got on with their lives but not here in Mill Creek, or Lynnwood for that matter.

If you do not want to see my name out there so much then do not respond to my comments. It is as simple as that.

The choice is yours, you can respond or not.

Wil Nelson

More Misinformation and A Question

It's fine to disagree from a political standpoint, but get your budget process facts in order. The development of any local government budget is totally approved by the policymakers (in Mill Creek's case the City Council). Only they can approve the budget. Staff does the preparation and budget development, and prepares information for public comment and final review.

In your comments above, you are continuing your deliberate pattern of misrepresenting facts. Never have I had authority to approve a budget. In 2014, I facilitated the City's FY 15-16 budget with other Directors, the Mayor, Council, and, most importantly the citizens. Numerous public hearings were held on the budget, and our citizens consistently spoke up about what services were important to them. We had strong public outreach and comment. I certainly did not have the authority to "add services and then ask for increased taxes." The Mayor of Lynnwood, the City's CEO, presented the budget to the City Council on behalf of the City. In our city, the City Manager does this same thing.

Your thoughts on my lack of "fiscal restraint" are another example of your propensity to misrepresent an issue. My Lynnwood department has a strong citywide reputation for stewardship, a business like approach, and being willing to make changes.

Finally, if I am a "life time bureaucrat" what does that make Mr. Bond and Mr.Cavaleri? Are you forgetting that they too are "life time" bureaucrats? Both gentlemen have worked in County government for most of their careers. Now you are even misrepresenting them.

Just for your information, I actually left the public sector for 6 years and worked in a totally different capacity in the private sector. Sorry to disappoint, but I am not a "life time " bureaucrat.

Lynn D.Sordel
Mill Creek
Candidate for Mill Creek City Council Position 5

Enough ... again

Yes, I am making a choice.

Mr. Nelson with his last response infers that he is the only person entitled to voice an opinion about the City’s governance. When individual citizens are engaged in the city’s welfare and attend a Council meeting, I believe this is called a democracy.

There is nothing in Mr. Nelson’s entire response that refutes my original message.

Larry Mayer

Some people never learn.....

Thank you for responding.

I think you fail to realize that my main concern is keeping taxes as low as possible. To that end I will continue to try and thwart Sordel and Carlson's attempts to get elected.

Once again you have proved help to prove that there is a group of people of a particular political persuasion that just can not reconcile that fact that they lost an election. They can not understand why the world does not see it their way. They are desperate to regain their political clout in this election.

As for the "Big Hoax", when I first heard this comment from Bart Masterson (I still consider him a friend, harsh language aside) I reviewed the appropriate documents and just could not see their point. You need to realize that different people may well see things differently. There is no fault in that.

The sniping continues by two on the city council. So, hopefully in 2 ½ weeks the election is over this will all end and everyone will get on with their lives. However, if the hardcore of the cabal once again looses I am sure they will continue to stew in their own juices and consider making another attempt in two years. However, that is going to be extremely difficult. My experience is that when these type of changes occur they are quite long lasting.

Thank you for providing the platform!

Wil Nelson


You are welcome, Mr. Nelson.

Using your own words, “YOU need to realize that different people may well see things differently. There is no fault in that.”

Thank you. We are able to end our discussion with something we agree on.

Larry Mayer

I want to keep taxes low

If you are like most people in Mill Creek, Mr. Nelson, you don't really know or don't keep track of the taxes you pay to the city of Mill Creek. In some places in the Puget Sound area, municipal taxes appear itemized on the receipt printed directly out of a cash register. Not in Mill Creek, though.

If you disagree with me about keeping taxes low, its because you are not paying attention to my efforts to do just that.

My opponent wants services without paying for them. He wants outsiders to pay for his services for him through REET revenue. Once that money is gone my opponent is fine with sending them away and finding new people to support his spending habits.

My opponent has similar views as I do, however, I have a vision for including local residents and investors into Mill Creek for the long term not just a quick buck here and there.

I have staunchly supported open and transparent revenue generation because I am here to save you money, Mr. Nelson.

My opponent claims to be interested in generating revenue. He claims to be the voice of the common man, but he got those ideas directly from me and has no intention of acting on any of it. If he wanted to consider the EDC recommendations, he would have done it by now. His solution to overspending for regular maintenance of parks and sidewalks is, have somebody else pay for it.

The common man and woman in Mill Creek is a doctor, a lawyer, an educator, or a business owner. We are intelligent, educated people who live healthy lifestyles.

I am the voice of the majority in Mill Creek and I am asking for your vote, as well, Mr. Nelson. If for no other reason than I am going to save you money on what you pay in taxes, I would appreciate your vote.

Douglas Carlson
Candidate for Mill Creek City Council Seat #7

Low taxes ...

almost always means fewer or less capable services.

You pay more taxes than that

If you are like most people in Mill Creek, you are paying much more than $945.54 in 2015! Although, I applaud your attempts to track those payments. So much of what funds Mill Creek services comes from the nickels and dimes you pay at the cash register on a daily basis, in fact, multiple times a day. Those taxes end up at the bottom of your receipt in a section simply labeled "Tax", or, if you are lucky, "Sales Tax". Retailers and other businesses do not "by law" have to itemize this section for you, the consumer. Some progressive locations are seeking a change, but not in Mill Creek. My goals are to empower the average man and woman to make financial decisions on a day to day basis with the support of a fully transparent sales tax system behind them. People should not walk up to the register at Costco thinking they are on the set of "The Price is Right"!!!

The first step to conserving important financial resources is educating the consumer about what they pay. Only then can people make informed decisions about how to spend their hard-earned wages. This is good for society as a whole because conservation and wise use of resources are the natural results of education. It is a new age for the City of Mill Creek and there is a clear paradigm shift toward proper stewardship of our resources.

Douglas Carlson
Candidate for Mill Creek City Council Seat #7

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