Everett Public Schools Foundation sets up Basic Needs Fund to support students and families

The Everett Public Schools Foundation seeks funds to purchase Chromebooks and Hotspot Internet access points for families without these resources. Please consider a donation to help students and families during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

By Kay Fantin, Everett Public Schools Foundation Executive Director, April 9, 2020.

The needs are great and evolving daily for the Everett Public School students and families. Each school and family have their own unique set of circumstances.

During these unprecedented times, making sure all students have the tools they need and access is vital.  

The two biggest needs associated with remote student engagement and support are Chromebooks for elementary students to have access to these devices outside the network and Hotspot internet access points for families who don’t have internet at home. The school district is providing this, but there are still needs that remain.

The Everett Public Schools Foundation has set up a Basic Student Needs Fund to support our students and families during this time.

Please consider a donation to help our students and families during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by April 30th.

Here is a link to the donation page: Basic Student Needs Fund Donation Page.

Our Vision: All learners in the Everett Public schools have the resources they need to achieve success.

Our Mission: We build community support and invest resources to inspire innovation, excellence and achievement for all learners in the Everett Public Schools.

History: The Everett Public Schools Foundation was established as Citizens for Everett Public Schools Association in February, 1985 with the central goal "to support the educational programs of the Everett Public Schools."


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