Everett School Board picks Dr. Ian Saltzman as their next superintendent

The Everett School Board unanimously picked Dr. Ian Saltzman as their next superintendent in a closed executive session on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Saltzman and the board are working on the terms of a tentative agreement which will be finalized in the near future.
Dr. Ian Saltzman. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

From a May 30, 2019, Everett Public Schools news release.

After months of gathering community input and completing an extensive national search, Everett Public Schools Board of Directors unanimously selected Dr. Ian Saltzman as their next superintendent.

The board made the selection following a three and a half hour closed session deliberation on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.  

Saltzman possesses many of the qualifications and characteristics the board defined before their search began.

“In addition to having experience leading a large district and showing great school academic improvements, Dr. Saltzman is a relationship builder,” commented Board President Carol Andrews.

She went on to say, "He is strongly committed to a ‘student first’ philosophy and has an energy and passion we were looking for in our new superintendent.”

Saltzman's 120-day plan as presented to the board during the May 29 interview includes a significant amount of time spent listening and learning.

“There is an honesty and authentic connection he makes with people that will be a great benefit to our community,” Andrews stated.

Saltzman is currently the South Region Superintendent in Palm Beach County School District and has experience as a special education teacher, assistant principal and principal in addition to district leadership. He has a passion for all students reaching their potential and fulfilling their dreams.

The board of directors would like to thank the hundreds of individuals including students, staff, parents and community members who participated in the online surveys, focus groups, and meet and greet sessions.

“The board spent hours last night and this morning reviewing all of the input from the various meet and greet sessions. We are grateful for everyone who took the time to participate and provide input as those comments helped guide our decision to select Dr. Saltzman,” said Board Vice-President Caroline Mason.

She went on to say, “Those comments, along with his experience, resume and background served to validate what we observed during his interviews – Dr. Saltzman is the leader we were looking for.”

Saltzman and the board are working on the terms of a tentative agreement which will be finalized at a public meeting in the near future.


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