Everett School District School Board Candidates’ Positions on Important Issues (August 6th, 2019 ballot)

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Last week (7/22/19), I sent email to the 6 candidates with a request that they please state their positions on a list of top issues that have been discussed on local school related forums. And I requested permission to post their replies.

The issues include:

  • the huge teacher salary increases given last summer (2018) and the budget shortfall because of it,

  • school uniforms,

  • possible 4th comprehensive high school capital project on the 2020 ballot,

  • tax burden to local and state taxpayers to cover the now $19,000 per student average annual spending by the Everett SD,

  • bringing one or more charter schools to the area,

  • sky high Everett SD high school graduation rates,

  • open bargaining.

You can find Facebook threads on the questions and answers to/from the 6 candidates on the following links:

The Everett School Board Project (open group) 

The Everett School District Discussion Group (closed group, anyone can request membership though)  

You are welcome to join both discussion groups and participate in each.

School funding is the largest part of the state’s budget and the largest part of your property taxes if you own a home or pay for in your rent. Your kids or your neighbors’ kids might attend Everett SD schools. You have a stake in this. If you haven’t already, please vote by August 6th, 2019

Thank you.

Jeff Heckathorn

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