An Exit Interview Policy is Needed

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The recent exodus of nearly 25% of the city's professional staff is a cause for concern. For whatever reason this has occurred is exacerbated by the fact the city does not have a formal exit interview policy within its Human Resource department.

Recently the city's Human Resource Director was known to state the city "might consider" an exit interview policy. This is not acceptable given the fact this well known and very effective policy is standard in most respected communities. This policy allows the organization to obtain very valuable and timely information about the person's job. It also allows the organization to constructively review the employees thoughts about work conditions, resources and other pertinent information.

City Manager Polizotto's management style has recently come under serious scrutiny. The mere fact an exit interview policy does not exist is puzzling given the fact she has voiced her feelings about making the city better and more professional. Her professional experience should have already told her that this is not a policy that "might be considered." What is she waiting for? Is she afraid of what might be revealed?

She is not running a county club environment, but a diverse operation that warrants the best policies for the community and employees. The City Council should mandate this policy be created as soon as possible. When in place, the Council Personnel Committee should be copied on every exit interview. This procedure will make the City Manager accountable and provide badly needed transparency in the city. The city employees will welcome this policy as it provides them a forum to speak their minds freely and honestly.

It's a shame this policy hasn't been in place as it might have served a very valuable purpose given the recent allegations about the workplace environment and her management style.

Lynn Sordel
Mill Creek

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