Fire District 7 deploys a new medic unit in Mill Creek

New Mill Creek Medic Unit 76. Photo courtesy of Fire District 7.
New Mill Creek Medic Unit 76. Photo courtesy of Fire District 7.

By Heather Chadwick, Snohomish County Fire District 7 Public Information and Education  Officer.

Fire District 7 placed a new medic unit in service at Station 76 in Mill Creek.  On Thursday, September 6, 2018, crews arrived at the station and found a new Medic 76 in the apparatus bay waiting and ready to serve the community. However, not all of the unit is new.

“It is very important to us to be fiscally responsible. Remounting an apparatus, instead of always buying new, is part of our Apparatus Replacement Plan and helps save taxpayer dollars,” said Deputy Chief Scott Dorsey.

During an apparatus remount, manufacturers reuse the patient compartment of the old unit and replace the chassis. As part of this process they replace everything from the engine to the drive train.

The apparatus remount also provides the opportunity to make a few adjustments to the patient compartment to help crews deliver a better service. For example, a refrigerator was installed to keep medications cool and a safe was installed for additional security for medications.

The medic unit that had been most recently used at Station 76 has now been driven over 100,000 miles and will be moved into reserve status. This unit will be used on a backup basis and will eventually be remounted as well. A unit can be remounted up to three times before being fully replaced.


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