Firefighters Endorsement

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Recently there have been “Endorsed By Your Firefighters” stickers put across the Elect Pam Pruitt campaign signs.

I have known her opponent, Kathy Nielsen for many years and know of her commitment to public safety. I asked her why Pam Pruitt would receive this endorsement. Kathy’s response to me was that she had not been asked to an endorsement interview by that fire agency and therefore was unable to “compete” for that endorsement. She also added that during her entire tenure as a councilmember she has always supported and voted to fully fund our fire department.

Please question the value of this endorsement.

Quid pro quo

When a candidate is “Endorsed by Your Firefighters” it simply means that if elected (or reelected) that candidate will blindly support expansion of that portion of our city’s budget allocated to fire protection, without question and without analysis. The end result: Continued growth of the public payroll. This is the classic political “quid pro quo."

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