Forever Home Cat of the Week - Crumply

Crumply is the sweetest boy, he has been through so much and is now looking for a good home. Photo courtesy of the Community Cat Coalition.
Crumply is the sweetest boy, he has been through so much and is now looking for a good home. Photo courtesy of the Community Cat Coalition.

With input from our friends at the Community Cat Coalition we are featuring a cat that needs a loving home.


I am fortunate to have been trapped by someone who loves cats. I had a home once but do not remember where, my name, or why I was abandoned.

As you can see I have been through some hard times trying to survive. My ears are crimped because of ear mite infestation, now gone. 

I had injuries to my back legs and feet, I don’t remember what happened, but a claw was stuck between my toes and it was NOT my claw. I am sensitive to the touch of my lower back and legs due to injuries that have healed. 

Through all of my trials, I am still a LOVER and will be the handsome cat that I once was. 

I totally enjoy being petted (not my lower back), tummy rubs, and lap sitting. I do a lot of “muffin making” with my front paws. I cannot get enough of loving, since I was left abandoned and alone, I want a lot of attention.

I am praying for a home with someone that understands my previous situation and will give me time to adjust, will adore me and give me the love and devotion I so need.

I am very sweet and will return all the love given ten times over. I want to live out my life with a caring person and never want to be abandoned again.

I will do best in a quiet home as an indoor kitty, being outside is scary for me.

Any questions, please contact my friend and rescue lady Sue at 425-499-1453 or

With love, Crumply.

About the Community Cat Coalition:

The Community Cat Coalition (CCC) was formed in November 2011 when a few people realized that if rescue groups, shelters, and independent rescuers work together, we can make a positive change in the lives of our community cats.

The CCC is an all volunteer organization . All funds go toward the efforts of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) – paying for spay/neuters, vaccines, medical care for injured/sick free roaming cats, or the costs of fostering the kittens who are removed from the sites.

Our goal is to educate interested people in our area so there is a common understanding of what a community cat is (they may be feral, semi-feral, or abandoned/stray tame cats – any free roaming cat) and how to care for them.

The community cats belong to no one person – they belong to all of us. This concept is taking hold worldwide, and we CAN make a difference right here, in our communities.

We provide classes in basic TNR, (Trap-Neuter-Return) open to the public and all shelters/rescues. We give people the tools to do TNR safely and effectively, and we also simply involve them in the care of the community cats.

We also offer classes on related topics, such as care of bottle babies, taming feral kittens, and how to do a barn relocation. All classes are free.

We are excited to be in the middle of this movement - TNR and care of the community cats is a worldwide phenomena and is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Our website is: We also post frequent stories/information on our Facebook page:


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