Forever home cat of the week - Harrison

Harrison is a super friendly and handsome orange tabby cat who is starved for attention.
Harrison is a super friendly and handsome orange tabby who is starved for attention. Photo courtesy of the Community Cat Coalition.

With input from our friends at the Community Cat Coalition, each week we will be featuring a cat that needs a loving home.

Harrison is a super friendly and handsome orange tabby who is starved for attention. He has spent the past few months surviving in a forested area when his family moved away and left him. 

A kind neighbor lady put out food for him, but Harrison was kept away by territorial neighbor cats who would chase him back into the woods when he tried to get food.  

Declawed, he wasn't able to defend himself and got beat up several times.   Finally, starvation made him brave enough to snatch some food, but the lady feeding him wasn't able to take him in. 

When she called all the local shelters, they said they were full and couldn't take him. 

This handsome fellow desperately needs a foster or adoptive home.   No charge if you foster or take him on a trial basis and then decide to adopt. 

He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, treated for fleas and microchipped. 

Can you foster him inside while he looks for a home?  Email if you can help.

About the Community Cat Coalition:

The Community Cat Coalition (CCC) was formed in November 2011 when a few people realized that if rescue groups, shelters, and independent rescuers work together, we can make a positive change in the lives of our community cats.

The CCC is an all volunteer organization . All funds go toward the efforts of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) – paying for spay/neuters, vaccines, medical care for injured/sick free roaming cats, or the costs of fostering the kittens who are removed from the sites.

Our goal is to educate interested people in our area so there is a common understanding of what a community cat is (they may be feral, semi-feral, or abandoned/stray tame cats – any free roaming cat) and how to care for them.

The community cats belong to no one person – they belong to all of us. This concept is taking hold worldwide, and we CAN make a difference right here, in our communities.

We provide classes in basic TNR, (Trap-Neuter-Return) open to the public and all shelters/rescues. We give people the tools to do TNR safely and effectively, and we also simply involve them in the care of the community cats.

We also offer classes on related topics, such as care of bottle babies, taming feral kittens, and how to do a barn relocation. All classes are free.

We are excited to be in the middle of this movement - TNR and care of the community cats is a worldwide phenomena and is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Our website is: We also post frequent stories/information on our Facebook page.


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