Fossil Dad: Scenes from the frontline of the new reality 

With billions of dollars going to hard-up corporations like Boeing, Delta, United Airlines, etc., are doctors and nurses who risk their lives daily getting any bonuses? Only just keeping us from returning to Stone Age days. 
Taso Lagos is program director for Hellenic studies in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. Photo credit: Patrick Luhrs.

Mill Creek resident Taso Lagos blogs about what it’s like being a middle-aged new parent in Mill Creek. 

Sign at Buffalo Coffee on corner of Seattle Hill Road and 35th: “First Responder, your drink is on us.”

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With billions of dollars going to hard-up corporations like Boeing, Delta, United Airlines, etc., are doctors and nurses who risk their lives daily getting any bonuses?  Only just keeping us from returning to Stone Age days. 

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Zoom. Ever heard of this company before dreaded virus? Now, everyone zooms meetings.  Even my daughter’s preschool is on Zoom. Not confused with Xoom, a wire-transfer company (phonetically, they are the same). The U.S. senators who sold their stock before the public knew about coronavirus, and made a bundle, Republicans Richard Burr, James M.Inhofe, Kelly Loeffler, and Democrat Dianne Feinstein, know the difference. For the rest of us who lost their shirts in the market meltdown, no money to wire-transfer.

* * *

The world history now divided: Before Coronavirus and After Coronavirus. This according to the BBC.  We live in AC but our minds remain in BC.

* * *

Are these end times? A rabbi in Israel prays for the Messiah to come as the number of afflicted rises there. 

* * *

Have seen internet banner ads pushing to lock up Hillary Clinton and asking if Speaker Pelosi is a socialist.  Both Dems and Reps just passed the biggest socialist package in nation’s history, signed by the Greatest Leader of All Time.  Yes, of course, that makes her a socialist.  Those devious short-fingered, vulgar North Koreans messing up our presidential election again.

* * *

Love in the age of coronavirus?  The Seattle Times reports this stressful time will produce more babies and more divorces. Let’s hope not more babies whose parents divorce. 

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Great article in Harvard Business Review about the crisis and the grief we feel.  

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Simplicity reigns.  Taking a warm shower highlights my day. Calling my daughter “Francesco” makes my wife smile. Thinking how tough it is for rich folks in their underground silos riding out the virus reading original old issues of Playboy. Simple. 

* * *

Is our lives or economy more important? As any preschooler knows, the economy is built to serve us, we are not here for the economy.  Otherwise, we are just robots. 

* * *

Doctors in plastic garbage bags and bandannas perform surgeries. Ingenuity or desperation? This is not the America I knew growing up.  C’mon, let’s make America great again!

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The folks supporting the economy over people’s lives are ones who expect others to be sacrificed, not themselves. Let’s make sure we don’t go here. Or here, when the Justice Department asks Congress for “sweeping new powers” to “detain people indefinitely without trial” (NYTimes, March 30, 2020). If this is the end of American democracy, I fear for my daughter’s future. 

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What does this have to do with Mill Creek?  Maybe all those little plastic sacks with dog-doo in them I see increasingly left on the sidewalks are a protest. 

* * *

Recent reader comments: 

Dear Mr. La Ghost, so moved was I by your inspiring words last week I decided to change my sex. Must wait until whole virus nightmare passes to make switch, of course. Thank you. Any suggestions what to do after that happens?” 

[Response: Hike to top of Mt. Si with a friend and nice cabernet, and take in the sunset while reading Dante in Mandarin.]

“Dear Mr. Taco. Your name, very unusual. Are you Cuban?”  

[Response:  I was born Fred B. Smith in Stepford, Connecticut, but at nine I adopted the name of a Greek scooter repairman and sometime archeologist who first claimed Socrates was a stand-up comedian.]

Taso Lasso, or whatever the f*&k your name is. Take your filth garbage to Moscow where you belong!” 

[We’re all working for the Russians now. If it’s good enough for Moscow Mitch, it’s good enough for me. Relax, dude, and have a drink!]

Dear Mr. Misogynist, what do you have against naked women in public?” 

[My mother would not approve but this is what democracy looks like. More power to them!]

You think you’re funny? You’re not!” 

[I’m not funny, it’s the world – I just record it.  Not read Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire lately?]

Author's Note: The "readers' comments" are fictional.


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