Fund Education With SB-5929

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Dear Editor:

We don’t need games in Olympia. We need to get a state budget passed. The state legislature is in special session now because they did not get a budget passed before the regular session ended.

I am in support of SB-5929, and the state legislature needs to pass it. It will help increase revenue so that education can be funded properly and will also clean up the state tax code. We owe it to our children and grandchildren. The bill would curtail or eliminate five wasteful business and sales tax breaks ($137 million), close the tax break on profits from the luxury sale of stocks and bonds ($715 million), and rebalance the real estate excise tax to make it more progressive ($420 million). This important legislation would help all of Washington State and would fund education. I want all legislators to vote “yes” on SB-5929.

State legislators need to stop playing games, and get a budget passed. It’s past time.


K. Acholonu
Concerned Resident

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