Go Solar

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With all the droughts, and wildfires in Eastern Washington and the lack of snow on the cascades, we know we need clean energy. With the economy still recovering from the great recession, we know we need to create more jobs.

Solar power has no emissions and creates jobs 20 times faster than the rest of the economy. In 2014 the Washington state solar industry employed 2400 people, while making up less than one half of one percent of Washington’s electricity. Imagine the environmental and economic benefits if solar power made up 10% of our electricity mix. For the sake of our environment, our future, and our economy, we need our state legislators to extend incentive programs, and commit to 10% solar by 2025.

Cecile Gernez

Right you are!

City Hall and any new satellite police station should be fitted to include a solar electricity generation apparatus. An investment in solar electricity pays for itself rather than yoking taxpayers to cover the costs of high utility bills. It is time for the city to start collecting a monthly check from the electric company instead of shelling out for unsustainable power.

Douglas Carlson

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