Herbie Martin endorses Lynn Sordel for Mill Creek City Council

Former Mill Creek City Council candidate Herbie Martin endorsed his former rival Lynn Sordel in a September 6th email.
Lynn Sordel, left, candidate for Mill Creek City Council, was endorsed by former candidate Herbie Martin. Photo credit: Richard Van Winkle.

Former Mill Creek City Council candidate Herbie Martin endorsed his former rival Lynn Sordel in a September 6th email, “First I would like to thank the individuals that voted for me. Lynn Sordel’s values and leadership line up with my personal values, therefore I am publically endorsing his campaign as we prepare for the general election in November 2013.”

Sordel, Martin, and Sean Kelly were on the August 6th primary election ballot for Mill Creek City Council seat number one. Sordel and Kelly advanced to the November 5th general election because they received the most votes.

On September 12th at the Second Thursday Art Walk’s information booth where Sordel was volunteering his time; Martin, a twenty-year United States Army veteran, said Sordel’s views are very similar to his, “We have had conversations a few times and we line up… He has the leadership style that I like. He is a great guy. I have been to the Council meetings before. After the primary election, we sat down and had a conversation. Our views are identical.”

Martin said he would be active in Sordel’s continuing campaign, “Anything I can do for his campaign, I will be there to support him. This won’t be the first time I will be out here. I bring a lot of support that will help him as City Councilmember for the next four years.”

Martin pointed out that Sordel’s qualifications were vetted by the Mill Creek City Council last year, “It’s not just me; the Council picked Lynn to be a councilmember out of seven applicants last year. He is very well qualified.”

Sordel said that he got in touch with Martin after the primary election and wants to help him find other ways to serve the City, “I reached out to Herbie. Our values and what we value about Mill Creek really line up together. I want to help him get more involved in the City.”

During the primary campaign Martin said that leadership at the City needs to conduct more community outreach, “I would like to see the City Council be more proactive than reactive and engage with the community, the residents and the business leaders. I want to build more engagement with the residents of Mill Creek from the school kids to the elderly.”

Back in July Martin also said he believes in fiscal responsibility, “I want the City to be financially responsible for economic development for our future. Right now too much of the overall tax burden is provided by property taxes. We need to promote economic development to generate more revenue from sales tax.”


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