Jackson High School freshman drafted by Silvertips

Daniel Woolfenden drafted by Everett Silvertips
Daniel Woolfenden drafted by Silvertips

The Everett Silvertips have drafted a local Jackson High School (JHS) freshman Daniel Woolfenden to be a Silvertip. Daniel is the first Snohomish County product to be drafted by the Silvertips, and if he were to come to the training camp with the Silvertips and make the team (the earliest this young man could do so is the 2013-14 season), he would be the third Washington native and the first Snohomish County native to play for the team.

Woolfenden, who is a defenseman for the Sno King Amateur Hockey Association Bantam A team, has a 3.67 grade point average at Jackson High. He is a pole-vaulter, javelin thrower and sprinter on the JHS track team.

JHS track coach Ryan Simmons is not surprised that the Silvertips tagged Woolfenden. He notes, "Daniel is a soft-spoken, hard working young man who has been a pleasure to coach this season. His athleticism was apparent from the beginning of the season, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to hear that he also played hockey."

As a scholar athlete, Woolfenden balanced the demands and ran the gauntlet of high school classes, high school track and amateur hockey - successes supported and admired by Coach Simmons who is a former scholar athlete and currently teaches history at JHS.

Simmons explains, "Daniel recently placed fourth in the high jump and seventh in the pole vault at the WESCO freshmen championships. I know I speak for all of our coaches in wishing Daniel the best in reaching his goals with the Silvertips organization and, as a season ticket holder, I am personally looking forward to the day he makes his debut in a Silvertip uniform."

That debut date won’t be known for awhile for a couple of reasons – one is that Woolfenden is not yet 16 years old. Also, Woolfenden and his family have just received news of the Silvertip offer. They will be weighing the options and considering the possibilities the draft opens for his future.

"We’re thrilled that a local player like Daniel is getting noticed for his abilities, especially now that we have been fortunate enough to draft him," said Silvertips Assistant General Manager Zoran Rajcic. "It’s a testament to the growth of hockey in our area that Daniel has an opportunity to further his hockey career in the Western Hockey League. It’s even more special that he’ll have the chance to do that right here at home as an Everett Silvertip, and we hope to see him on the ice as our first hometown player in the near future."

All Silvertip team members are between 16 and 20 years old. Only three 20-year old players are allowed on a team. About two dozen young men are on the current Silvertip roster, and about half of those attend school at Everett High School (EHS). The Silvertip organization emphasizes the importance of academic success as well as skill on the ice. Each of the Silvertip players at EHS has been recruited from other locations and live with local families. A Silvertip educator is assigned to ensure that each EHS player is a scholar and gentleman in his school community and a skillful stick handler on the ice.

Everett High Principal Sally Lancaster notes that the Silvertip players … "have added a rich dimension to Everett High School. These student athletes remain focused on their studies even with the difficult schedule they maintain during the season. The Silvertip organization provides exceptional support and assistance to these students and maintains strong communication with the school to ensure academic success."


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