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Jackson High School marks its 25 year anniversary

When Jackson High School opened its doors 25 years ago, it was a spacious, modern school for its new students. Originally built in 1994 for 1,500 students, there are now over 2,200 students attending the high school.
Jackson High School in 1994 (top) and in 2019. Photos courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

From an April 26, 2019, Everett School District news release.

When Jackson High School opened its doors 25 years ago, it was a spacious, modern school for its new students.

Originally built in 1994 for 1,500 students, only 9th and 10th grade students attended that year, allowing plenty of room for 660 students and almost 75 staff members.

At that time enrollment was low and the south Snohomish County construction boom was just beginning.

Additions were constructed in order to accommodate additional students. In 2004 the ‘D’ wing was constructed. In 2012 the ‘Annex’ was added, and 17 portables phased in to accommodate additional enrollment growth.

Here in 2019 Jackson High School has over 2,200 students and almost 190 staff members. The additional 'D' wing and annex only increased the permanent capacity to 1,807 students. This means the school is nearly 400 students over that permanent capacity. Seventeen portables have been added to help offset the student enrollment growth.

So much has changed since 1994, but much has stayed the same.

“This year we are beginning a new set of traditions. Not just in sports team, mascots and dances, but the traditions that will make the students at JHS better prepared for college and the real world,” wrote student Kristina Fudge in the opening page of the 1994-95 year book.

She went on to write, “JHS is striving to be different in the ways students learn and run the school.”

2019 Jackson High School senior Shannan Matthews shared, “The school has expanded so much since it was first built. The ‘D’ wing and Annex were built a few years before I entered Jackson, but I couldn’t imagine the school without them. I don’t know how we would have enough room at lunch or enough classes for students. My class is the biggest in Jackson history, and the juniors following are even larger." 

She went on to say, "The community that has grown around this school is incredible. There is so much diversity and support through each and every student in our class, I think it’s amazing how much larger the school has grown but how the community within the school has remained strong and continues to grow more diverse."

Original staff members Carol Barnes, David Hutt, Laura Nelson, Kirk Nicholson, Stephanie (Andrews) Powell, Kaye Peterson, and Joel Vincent have dedicated their careers to the students at JHS; 25 years later they’re still there! Monica (Lochrie) Andersen graduated from Jackson and is now teaching Nutrition and Independent Living at the school.

“Ever since our school opened in 1994, it has been our mission to prepare students for their futures,” shared current principal Dave Peters.

He went on to say, “Of course, the ‘future’ for students has significantly changed in the last quarter century. Today we are preparing students to hold jobs that may not yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, and to solve problems that we don’t know are problems yet.”

Over its 25 year history, thousands of students have graduated from Jackson High School and we are looking forward to many more.