Know the Truth Before you Vote!!

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People wonder why we can’t get good people to represent us in Olympia and DC.

Today, when I picked up my mail, the reason was sitting there in my mailbox: negative campaign pieces about two candidates I know and respect.

It is so disheartening to see how the facts can be twisted and misrepresented to make good people seem bad. Please disregard such propaganda or, at the very least, learn the truth by doing your own investigation.

Mark Harmsworth’s record as our 44th Legislative District Representative speaks for itself.

Janice Huxford’s experience as a community leader and a business owner make her uniquely qualified to represent us in that other open position.

It takes such courage for good people to step up and take on these civic responsibilities. Let’s give them the courtesy of learning the truth before voting.

Travis Sumpter
Bothell, WA

The truth is out there

The truth is that Harmsworth is supported by the NRA and will not do what it takes to fund public education.

It’s obvious Huxford wants to reduce environmental and labor regulations to make her construction business more profitable.

It’s true that Travis Sumpter is a front for Jeanette Sumpter, the Snohomish County Republican Party Communications Chair.

Check it out for yourself.

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