The mayor and the city manager should have investigated

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By the time the residents of Mill Creek are reading this I hope that Sean Kelly has resigned his position as a Mill Creek Councilman, and has advised his fellow councilmembers and the City Manager that he will be repaying his past five months of salary since he was not legally able to serve since he moved out of the city in July.  This amounts to $2,500.

In September, the Mill Creek Beacon approached Mr. Kelly about his residency status.  Mr. Kelly stated then he was living in Snohomish. Paul Archipley, Publisher of the Beacon, clarified for Mr. Kelly that since he was not formally a resident of Mill Creek he had no legal right to serve as a Council Member.  

On Friday, November 17th, a hearing was held by Snohomish County to address a challenge to Mr. Kelly’s voter registration by his opponent in the November election, Carmen Fisher.

The hearing upheld that he was a resident of Snohomish based on Mr. Kelly's own testimony that he moved there in July.

This whole situation could have been avoided if Mr. Kelly had advised the City Manager of his change of residency back in July. Again, in September Mr. Kelly should have sought legal advice when approached by The Beacon.  He avoided all requests to clarify his statement for over two months until Snohomish County held the hearing.

This has been a collective disgrace for Mr. Kelly, the City Manager, and the City Council. 

Once it became public knowledge, the Mayor and City Manager should have sought legal counsel and asked Mr. Kelly to address the issue. 

This has nothing to do with Mr. Kelly’s personal issues. It is a legal issue regarding a sitting Mill Creek elected official that the City Manager and our proper legal representation should have investigated.

What happens next will be very interesting.  My hope is that the residents of Mill Creek pay very close attention to this matter.  I will.

Kathy Nielsen

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