Mayor Overstepping Her Authority

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I read the following to the Mill Creek City Council at their regular June 12th meeting.

"On Monday, June 11 at 3 pm I spoke with Kristina Baylor of the State Auditor’s office. I was advised that the current regular audit would be complete and made public once the Exit Conference had concluded. When I asked who her Exit Conference contact was at the city I was advised it was Mayor Pruitt.
As a past City Council member and Mayor I would never consider it to be a councilmember’s role to get involved in day to day operations like this. I am perplexed by this situation. This underscores the lack of direction without an Interim City Manager.  The audit responsibility falls under the direction of our Finance Director not a legislator.

I am very concerned that Mayor Pruitt has overstepped her authority under our form of government. If council gave her authority to act in this capacity then I hold council responsible for her over reach of authority.  If council has not been advised of this action by the Mayor then she needs to advise our Finance Director she will be stepping aside and allow staff to do their job.

I would appreciate a response to address this matter.”

I expect to receive a response from the city council regarding this by June 19th.

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