Mayor Pam Pruitt to seek re-election

Mayor Pam Pruitt. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.
Mayor Pam Pruitt. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.

By Pam Pruitt.

Four years ago, the top concerns were avoiding a utility tax, no new $20 million campus and encouraging economic development instead of tax increases.  Fast forward to today.  We have avoided a utility tax.  The City has remodeled buildings it already owned for a fraction of the cost of a new campus.  We will have a brand new Senior Center at no cost to the taxpayers. We also have new businesses locating in Mill Creek that have allowed us to pass the smallest property tax increase in years.

In addition, fat has been cut from City operations and the focus has returned to service.  We have a new professional management staff lead by an amazing City Manager, Rebecca Polizzotto.  We’ve brought in more grant money than at anytime in the history of our City.

While all the accomplishments may be impressive, the hardest work is yet to come.  We may have crawled out of a deep fiscal hole but now we must ensure the long term financial viability of our City. 

I will continue to oppose a utility tax.  It is better to attract business than to raise property taxes.  We have major decisions to make on capital projects such as our roads, underground pipes and park development.  We can no longer avoid the discussion of how to pay for what our residents want in our City.

I’m asking for another four years to keep Mill Creek from slipping back into the financial hole; to keep us moving forward on the path to long term fiscal sustainability and build on the successes of the past four years. 

I’d be honored to serve another four years to keep Mill Creek the desirable community we choose to call home.  


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