Mill Creek’s former city councilmembers care about the city

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The city of Mill Creek is one of the most desirable areas to live in Snohomish County. This did not happen by accident. We have had many of our outstanding residents that have served as City Council members. They’ve shared their knowledge, professional expertise, experience and pride to help develop the lovely city that Mill Creek has become.

In the 40 years my family has lived here we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We like to think that what is in print is always accurate and trustworthy. It is NOT always wise to trust it. Recently Fred Fillbrook, owner/editor/publisher of the Mill Creek View gave our city a black eye by using “his paper” (his terms) to unfairly malign many of our former City Council members. He chose to defame each of them.

I know these people and am offended by what he said. These are honest, sincere, law abiding, former public servants whose goals were, and still are, to professionally and unselfishly assist Mill Creek to become the most wonderful city in the area. They know the value of a dollar, wanted to balance the books and follow the rules and regulations of managing a city. They cared deeply about the city staff, our employees, and still do. They took pride in our city and its reputation.

These former City Council members are highly qualified individuals, professionally and personally respected with good reputations earned over many years. We have the wonderful Town Center because of the knowledge and experience of some of these members. I know of at least one that helped recruit businesses to fill the empty spaces. They were and still are residents of our community and are still concerned about the financial stability and management of our city. They tried to bring the most recent concerns to the community two years ago. The current council chose not to heed their warnings, and now we are in worse shape with more employees gone and more employee complaints.

Fred Fillbrook has no checks, balances or restraints. He has no dissenting opinions. He uses “his newspaper” (his phrase) for his own power, often distorting information about candidates and events. He uses it as a bully pulpit. He tries to make it sound like he is the only publication in town. He is not.

Not too long ago Fred spewed his anger and animosity at me, much as he is showing it now with the recent articles about our former City Council members. When my husband died in December, I called Fred to tell him I had sent him a copy of Ralph’s obituary. Fred started yelling, “Why in the hell would I want to put Ralph Ehrlich’s obituary in my newspaper? I hated him. He hated me.” I then hung up on him. Until then I had always shown respect and consideration to Fred. Over the years I have helped him with a variety of local and city events. We are fortunate in that there are other local publications available that have professional and integrity with their journalism.

Many of our residents have knowledge and talents that could be valuable as City Council or board members. Please consider filing, running, or volunteering. (Next city council election is in 2019) Working with the city and volunteering will give you an opportunity to know what truly is happening in this great city of ours. You are needed to help continue its success.

Dullain Ehrlich

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