Mill Creek’s Hearing Examiner grants binding site plan for Polygon Northwest’s East Gateway Urban Village development

Polygon Northwest continues to make progress on their East Gateway Urban Village multi-used development.

On July 9, 2013, Kimberly Allen, Mill Creek’s Hearing Examiner, granted a binding site plan for the development because, “With conditions, the proposed Binding Site Plan would be consistent with the City Code, Comprehensive Plan, and other City policies, goals, and objectives.”

Allen’s 75-page decision includes a total of 73 detailed conditions to which Polygon Northwest must conform during the development. These conditions include:

  • Payment of mitigation fees to Mill Creek, Fire District 7, and the Everett School District.
  • Construction activity limitations.
  • Easements for public access across all areas of commercial development and various areas of the residential development.
  • Preservation of existing trees and landscaping where practical and appropriate.
  • Conformance of building and landscape designs to Mill Creek’s standards subject to approval by Mill Creek’s Design Review Board.
  • Privacy fencing to be installed at certain locations around the development.
  • Requirements to dedicate right-of-way and construction of a traffic signal at the intersection of 44th Avenue SE and 132nd Street SE including bus lanes, right-turn lanes, intersection ADA ramp/curb upgrades, and a bus stop/shelter.
  • Requirements to dedicate right-of-way and construction of the 132nd Street SE corridor signal interconnect between 25th Avenue SE and Seattle Hill Road.
  • Compliance with road alignment and Preliminary Engineering Study requirements.
  • Phasing of construction. Since the demand for commercial property is low right now, the property set aside for commercial use will be developed in a separate phase of the project. If commercial development has not commenced before occupation of the first residential unit the commercial lot must be improved to be “developer ready.”
  • Reciprocal parking and access with adjoining properties.
  • Formation, operation and roles/responsibilities of owner associations.
  • Maintenance responsibilities of public and private areas.
  • Provision and use of public and private open space/plazas.
  • Dedication and improvement of land for the 1.26-acre public neighborhood park. The park design and construction will be done under Mill Creek’s master plan process including public hearings. The park is scheduled to be complete by Spring 2014.
  • Commercial use requirements for property adjacent to 44th Avenue SE.

The full text of the Hearing Examiner’s decision can be found on the City’s website by clicking on the following link: Hearing Examiner Decision BS 12-63.


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