Mill Creek’s Inner Athlete Fitness Studio celebrates third anniversary

Inner Athlete Fitness Studio owners Carissa Norman and Rachel Gaffney. Photo courtesy of Inner Athlete Fitness Studio.
Inner Athlete Fitness Studio owners Carissa Norman and Rachel Gaffney. Photo courtesy of Inner Athlete Fitness Studio.

If you don’t like it change it!”

Three years ago partners Rachel Gaffney and Carissa Norman opened Inner Athlete Fitness Studio with this idea in mind. They had worked at countless gyms and studios but always felt something was missing.

Was providing a good exercise program enough to make their clients successful? They didn’t believe so. They wanted all their clients to make a permanent healthy lifestyle change through fitness and nutrition in a supportive, family like atmosphere.

At Inner Athlete they believe in educating their clients on the benefits of properly fueling their body to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle forever!

In July of 2012 they opened the doors of Inner Athlete and offered their clients the accountability, nutritional support, and exercise programming it takes to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

Personal Training

Rachel and Carissa don’t believe in a one size fits all programming approach for personal training or nutrition. Each program is designed based on the client’s individual goals and body composition. The Client’s program changes as they reach each benchmark their trainer sets for them.

Inner Athlete’s coaches provide positive, consistent support to their clients to keep them on track; even while traveling for work or on vacation.

Personal trainers work one on one with individual clients during 60-minute sessions one to three times a week.

Each session is custom designed for that client; whether they are trying to lose 10-100 pounds, regain the balance that they have lost, or gain more energy to keep up with their kids; they will design a program specific for you.   

Semi-private/Group Personal Training

For those looking for personal training but who enjoy being in a fun, supportive group they offer semi-private personal training.

During these appointments two to four clients work with a personal trainer for a 60-minute session two to four times a week.  You will find coworkers, friends, spouses, and mother-daughter teams working out in many of these sessions.

In June Inner Athlete introduced their Group Personal Training program. This unique program is individualized to each participant through a heart rate monitored system.

Each participant wears a heart rate monitor which allows me to keep them exactly within their optimal zones to maximize their calorie burn and ultimately fat loss!” said personal trainer John Parks.

Inner Athlete semi-private personal training clients work out. Photo coursesy of Inner Athlete Fitness Studio.

TakeDown Challenge Program

This year with the addition of their Nutritional TakeDown Lifestyle program Inner Athlete has continued to positively impact the local community.

This scientifically backed program is one of Inner Athlete’s most popular programs!

In May, they had 90 challengers commit to 28 days of healthy eating during the TakeDown Challenge. The results? A total of 763lbs lost by the group!

The TakeDown Lifestyle program teaches you there are no bad foods just bad portion sizes.

Their fall Takedown Challenge is already being filled for a September start. Find out more about Inner Athlete’s Fall TakeDown Challenge by clicking here: The TakeDown Challenge.

Many of the May challengers continued to receive support and results by participating in the TakeDown Lifestyle program.  During this comprehensive program clients learn how to create balanced meals and utilize fat stores.

For more information about Inner Athlete’s all-inclusive training and nutrition programs visit or call (425) 338-0214.

TakeDown Challenge participants

TakeDown Challenge participants. Photo courtesy of Inner Athlete Fitness Studio.


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