Mill Creek’s Run of the Mill 5K road race an overwhelming success

Mill Creek’s Run of the Mill 5K road race an overwhelming success
photo by Andrew Kim

Mill Creek’s Run of the Mill 5k road race sponsored by Columbia Funding Mortgage was a success by every measure. There were over 1,400 runners at this year’s race through the Mill Creek Town Center, and over $25,000 was raised for charity. The blue skies and warm temperatures brought out a large crowd of spectators on Saturday, July 7th.

There were actually two races in one on this year’s course. In addition to the very competitive Run of the Mill 5K, the Washington State Cross Country Coaches Association ran their 2012 East/West Senior All-Star Race on the same course. The high school athletes actually started two or three minutes before the Run of the Mill 5k runners to ensure the youngsters wouldn’t get in the way of the faster world-class athletes at the head of the Run of the Mill 5k pack.

Jordan McNamara, who placed 7th in the 1500 meters at the recent Olympic trials, broke his own Run of the Mill 5k course record with a time of 14 minutes, 13 seconds.

Although the certified 5k race attracts world-class athletes, there are runners of all ages and abilities racing against the clock. It is a widely-liked community event with booths, prize giveaways, and music before and after the race.

The Run of the Mill 5k has been an annual event in Mill Creek for twenty-seven years. This is the longest continuously active event in Mill Creek.

The race organizers and volunteers ensure 100% of the entry fees go to charity. According to the Run of the Mill 5k website, “The Run of the Mill raises money for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment as well as other local charities.  A secondary focus is providing financial support to youth sports, especially high school running programs.”

Here is a list of the top finishers in this year’s race:

Male Participants

  1. Jordan McNamara - 14:13
  2. Eric Garner - 15:05
  3. Mark Mandi - 15:17
  4. Nick Schuetze - 15:29
  5. Brett Winegar - 15:33
  6. Phil Olson - 15:35
  7. Joshua Ricardi - 15:40
  8. Bryton Reim - 15:45
  9. Joel Ambo - 15:50
  10. Aaron Roe - 16:05
  11. John Ricardi - 16:14
  12. Mohamud Abdi - 16:20
  13. Kolter Grigsby - 16:21
  14. Dan Sloat - 16:40
  15. Colby Titland - 16:48

Female Participants

  1. Tansey Lystad - 18:06
  2. Katie Bianchini - 18:11
  3. Erica Pitman - 18:22
  4. Brooke Kingma - 19:06
  5. Lauren Matthews - 19:11
  6. Regina Joyce - 19:49
  7. Karra Whitmire - 19:52
  8. Marle Rothschild - 19:55
  9. Carla Darr - 19:56
  10. Catie Arrigoni - 20:21
  11. Wendy Harrison - 20:27
  12.  Jessica Rawlins - 20:30
  13. Mary Charleson - 20:34
  14. Quinn Manning - 21:12
  15. Danielle Holstein - 21:38



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