Mill Creek better served using Jackson HS for sports fields

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The City is better served using the Jackson location. Critical infrastructure exists including parking and sidewalks. To counter neighborhood noise and lighting complaints, the City would certainly provide buffering to diminish any noise. Lighting technology has made huge advancements to reduce and even eliminate spillover into residential locations. Timers are also important to make sure all lighting is shut off at the agreed upon times.

The other location mentioned does not have any infrastructure and the City will likely have to spend millions to come close to the Jackson site. As of now, the proposal submitted by the Boys and Girls Club will put most of the development costs on the backs of Mill Creek taxpayers. These are monies the City does not have, even in its park development fund collected from developers.

In my opinion, the City should resume discussions with the Everett School District in an effort to get this important project back on track. Historically, these types of joint-use projects benefit everyone. The school will use the facility during school hours, and the community will get use at nights and weekends. Plus, the proposed development costs will be far less.

As I have also previously mentioned, the City needs to dedicate resources to apply for State park development and improvement grants that could be used to reduce costs.

Lynn D. Sordel
Mill Creek
Candidate for City Council Position 5

Lighting concerns overweighed by benefits

I have spoken extensively about nuisance lighting in the past and am aware of community concerns over protecting a quiet low-key environment. During annexation discussions, I voiced concerns over large electronic billboards that unfairly harass residents with a 24-7 glow.

Some residents expressed concern about the encroachment of lighting and noise that may potentially accompany Jackson athletic field development. The benefits to the health of our residents and our youth outweigh potential risks in this case.

This is a school with athletic facilities not an advertiser trying to take advantage of intentionally minimalistic surroundings. The intent of the facilities is to promote healthy lifestyles.

Residents close to the facilities would benefit from their proximity and ease of access. This is a worthwhile cause.

Here in Mill Creek we are experiencing a paradigm shift toward healthy lifestyles including access to facilties which welcome those who wish to excercise in a well-maintained atmosphere.

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