Mill Creek City Council Election

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To The Editor:

The City of Mill Creek has been experiencing big changes the past few months. In order to deal with all of those changes, the City needs to have City Council members who understand how an effective City government is supposed to work. Lynn Sordel is the Council Candidate who is the most qualified to do this.

Lynn has 30 years of experience working in public service including his current position as the Director of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts for the City of Lynnwood. He knows the challenges and the ins and outs of how city governments are supposed to work.

Lynn has a strong business sense that includes extensive experience building budgets for cities, including being the person chosen by the mayor of Lynnwood to lead and to facilitate the creation of that city’s current budget. His experience is essential as the Council works to create a new budget that eliminates a $1.7 million shortfall and creates revenue strategies to support a new budget that does not cut City services any further than they already have been.

Lynn’s experience, expertise, and commitment to strong, effective city government make him highly qualified to be elected to the Mill Creek City Council.

Carolyn G. Allendoerfer
Mill Creek

Mill Creek Council Election

Sordel was removed from office by the voters of Mill Creek in the last election. He was appointed by the same majority cabal that was removed from office in the same election. This is the same cabal that thinks millions of dollars for a new city center is just what we needed. Our new council, mayor and city manager proved that this was a fantasy. Addition space and facilities could be obtained by using what we have at a small fraction of the cost.

I would imagine that Sordel's solution to any problem is to enact a utility tax.

Comments are a bit extreme

Wil, your comments are a bit extreme.

Associating Lynn Sordel with a cabal does not make sense. Making an assumption that he supports a utility tax is an assumption and not a fact.

How about being more realistic?

Extreme comments?

It is interesting that Sordel and some others never say what their solution would be to the problem they allege. A cabal by definition is "A cabal is a group of people united..." Was not Sordel appointed by a group of former city council members that united in his appointment and therefore he became one of them? As for an assumption on an assumption I only imagine.

Imagine no more, utility taxes by Sordel

Sordel proudly claims that he helped to write the next Lynnwood budget. Here are some excerpts from from the Lynnwood Mayors 2015-2016 Preliminary Budget letter to the Lynnwood City Council:

Line 105 “Proposed is a restoration of the Utility Tax back to the 2013 level of 6%. This restoration would increase revenues by an estimated $705,000.

Line 111 “In addition to restoring the Utility Tax, it is proposed to increase the Utility Tax rate by an additional 1%, for a total Utility Tax Rate of 7%” or up 3% from the existing level.

Lynnwood is the land of traffic cameras and utility taxes, the exact opposite of Mill Creek. Why should the citizens of Mill Creek let Sordel back on to the council when they already got rid of him once before. These utility taxes are his to own!

I never heard him deny support for utility taxes when he was on the Mill Creek City Council and he has not yet denied support for utility taxes during his campaign.

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