A Mill Creek City Council position

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This is Herbie E. Martin who ran during the Primary Elections 2013.

First, I would like to thank personally each individual who voted for me during the Primary Election of 2013.

Secondly, I endorse Lynn Sordel as the Mill Creek City Council Position #1 during this season of the General Elections.

Lynn Sordel’s professional experience and values lines up with my values. Lynn’s leadership and commitment to our city is remarkable.

Thirdly, with a close ran as expected, your vote for Lynn Sordel for City Council Member Position #1 Mill Creek, Washington will make a difference and ensure we retain him for the position.

Respectfully submitted,

Herbie E. Martin, Sergeant First Class – U.S. Army (Retired), M.A.P.S.
Seattle Hill Estate – Mill Creek, Washington

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