Mill Creek Finance Director Josh Roundy resigns

Josh Roundy. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.
Josh Roundy. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

Newly promoted Finance Director Josh Roundy’s last day working for the City of Mill Creek will be March 18, 2016. He told City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto that he regretted leaving Mill Creek, but was “presented with an unexpected opportunity” to work closer to home.

Director Roundy was promoted to Mill Creek director of finance on January 5th, after the retirement of long-time Director of Finance Landy Manuel.

City Manager Polizzotto said, “I will deeply miss Josh’s expertise and leadership; however, as a parent, I certainly understand the desire to shorten his commute and have more time for his two small children.”

Mill Creek will draw on the expertise of former Finance Director Landy Manuel until a new finance director can be found.

According to Director of Public Information Kelly Chelin, “Mr. Manuel will return on March 14th “to coordinate his transition as Interim Director.”

“Retired Finance Director Manuel has agreed to return as Interim Finance Director until such time as the City Manager recruits for and hires a replacement,” said Director Chelin.

Director Roundy’s resignation is the second of City Manager Polizzotto’s senior management team to leave Mill Creek in the past three months. Former City Attorney Shane Moloney accepted a job offer from the City of Renton in December last year.

Expressing concern about employee retention City Manager Polizzotto said, “Many members of our staff struggle with juggling family commitments, long commutes and growing traffic congestion.”

“The management team is beginning to discuss this issue and explore innovative solutions to a problem that affects the recruitment and retention of quality employees.”


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