"Mill Creek Garden Club starts the year off with a Bang!" by Lila Johnson

Carol Anne, Pat and Susan check out a beautiful Crocosmia. A perfect choice for a gardener. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.
Carol Anne, Pat and Susan check out a beautiful Crocosmia. A perfect choice for a gardener. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

By Lila Johnson, Mill Creek Garden Club Publicity Chair.

A bit of wrath from Mother Nature in the form of a late afternoon thunderstorm, didn’t dampen the spirit of Garden Club members who made their September 2018 meeting electrifyingly fun.  On hand to greet the new and returning members were President Lyndal Kennedy and her enthusiastic officers Kathe Jo Kern, Connie Hannam, Nancy Hedges and Stephanie Morse. 

The conference room at Shawn O’Donnell’s was full of chatty members wishing to reconnect with their garden club friends. Overheard were tales of the Garden Tour (you recall how great that was!), weeding at City Hall, volunteering at the Mill Creek Farmer’s Market, travelling to exotic places, attending family weddings, picnicking with friends, growing big tomatoes and puttering in gardens.   

Returning members know the meeting drill: arrive with a smile, pay for your lunch, grab your nametag, peruse the raffle table, buy your tickets and put said tickets in the box. Then you’re ready to chat as you find a seat. This month’s raffle featured three “gardener’s delight” baskets with plants, hummingbird feeders, bird food, garden tools and more.  The baskets were a big hit; lots of tickets were purchased and the room was buzzing with conversation!

After a brief business meeting, MCGC’s Lynne Menzies introduced guest speaker Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner, an American Institute Floral Design member, owner of Holly’s Fine Flowers in Port Townsend and someone who has taken part designing a float in the Pasadena Rose Parade—the “granddaddy” of all parades for gardeners!  

Sharrai brought an array of foliage, some from the NW and some from more tropical climes and demonstrated how to create stunning floral arrangements with and without flowers.  Did you know you can braid leaves, cut a sword fern frond to resemble a fish or make pine cone rosettes that can elevate your designs?  Members gained a new perspective for when they troll their gardens or visit the produce section at the grocery store.  Think “KALE” in your next flower arrangement!

As is the custom at monthly meetings, lots of lucky ladies went home with beautiful centerpieces created by MCGC’s Barbara Mills and this month’s guest speaker Sharrai’s created-for-us arrangements, which she auctioned off at the end of her entertaining and informative demonstration. 

The meeting continued with a delicious buffet lunch and lemon bars for dessert!  Hopefully everyone made it home before the claps of thunder, flashes of lightning and downpour of rain inundated Mill Creek with a BANG!  It was another booming start to the Garden Club year.

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