Mill Creek Library relocation

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The Mill Creek library desperately needs a new home. There is limited parking, limited floorspace, and only two comfortable chairs for reading. Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Edmonds, etc all have wonderful and spacious libraries. Here's our chance to have a library worthy of our beautiful city: Move it to the newly vacated Safeway on 132nd and Bothell Everett Hwy.

This building is currently for lease and boasts 55,000 square feet. Our library requires 40,000 sq ft and the excess could be used by the Mill Creek Senior Center which is currently poorly located in a warehouse-style building. The two facilities would be wonderful neighboring resources. In fact, over time all of the other mall shops could become resource and service-oriented businesses. The mall is already perfectly named the Gateway Center.

Jack Erickson
14500 14th Ave SE

Vacant safeway

This is an idea I like. Although I am cognizant of the hard working safeway employees who, day in and day out, served the members of the community for low wages and little appreciation, I could possibly support the move of the library if for no other reason than the more centralized location.

The previous proposal for a new Sno-Isle library was inconvenient to most residents as it was practically the eastern-most point of the entire city and would disproportionately serve non-residents. I suppose that is fine -- except you are calling it the Mill Creek Library, are you not?

The letter writer cited a shortage of parking spaces at the current library which has never bothered me personally. No, in fact, my opinion is residents are more likely to walk, bike, roller blade, skateboard, etc. to the library (all of which are more healthy lifestyle choices than driving those same short distances).

What we need are more sidewalks and bike lanes. Perhaps, convert a few parking spaces to "drop-off" or "turn around" spaces for those who need those things. This is the type of thinking that will preserve the community from further automobile congestion and pollution as well as motivate individuals to get on their feet and be more active than they might usually have been.

So, a central location for a new Sno-Isle library may be advisable. Again, I am saddened toward the losses of those who so recently worked at the Mill Creek Safeway for their inconvenience in the closing of this place of employment.

Douglas Carlson
Candidate for Mill Creek City Council Seat #7

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