Mill Creek needs diversity on the city council

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Jared Mead, a current Mill Creek City council member, was recently elected as our 44th LD House representative in Olympia. He will be vacating his seat on the council by January 2019.

Instead of a city-wide election to elect a new council member to replace Rep-Elect Mead, the City Council will once again be appointing another member of their choice.  If the past is any indication, the next council member will be male, over 50, and white.  This council member will join five other council members who are male, over 50, and white.

Late in 2017, there were 14 applicants for an open council position.  Of the 14, four were women.  The successful applicant and the first runner up were both males over 60.

Without diversity on the council, there is little representation.  Another area of concern is that all seven current members are concentrated within the Northeast corner of the City off 35th Avenue and the Mill Creek Community Association (MCCA).

'Districting' of our city for equal representation would help remedy this issue.

In the meantime, the council should consider every qualified applicant and give greater weight to those in society who are capable of representing the City as well…those who are female, under 50, and someone with ethnic diversity beyond white.

Glenda Tecklenburg
Mill Creek

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