Mill Creek resident John Lovick appointed to Washington State House of Representatives

State Representative John Lovick. Photo courtesy of State of Washington.
State Representative John Lovick. Photo courtesy of State of Washington.

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, a majority of the Snohomish County Council chose Mill Creek resident John Lovick to occupy the state House of Representatives seat vacated by Snohomish resident Hans Dunshee when he resigned in April.

Dunshee was appointed to the Snohomish County Council at the end of February to take Dave Somers’ vacated seat, which became available when Somers took his elected position as Snohomish County Executive in January.

Lovick will have to win his election in November to continue serving in the House of Representatives for 2017 and 2018.

Here is Lovick’s statement issued on June 8th regarding his appointment:

“I am honored today to have been appointed to the Washington State House of Representatives for the 44th District, Position 1. I am prepared to steward this seat until the election. The people of the 44th District deserve representation and I intend to lead with a steady temperament for any issue that may arise. I hope to work hard and prove to the people of the 44th District I am serious about winning this seat in November.”

“I am running for State Representative to put my experience as a State Trooper, City Council member, County Sheriff, and County Executive to work addressing our community's most pressing problems. I will work to fully fund local schools, improve public safety and traffic issues, and insist on the responsible management of our tax dollars.

“As a father and grandfather, I believe we need to fully fund education so our children are prepared for 21st century jobs. I’ll make education funding my highest priority while insisting on high academic standards that prepare kids with the skills they need to be successful in our new economy. Education is one of the most important experiences in being able to shape a person’s life and I believe we can make Washington’s education system one of the best in the world with proper funding.”

“My experience as a State Patrol Trooper and County Sheriff has helped to pass tough laws that crack down on sex offenders, car thieves, and drunk drivers. There’s more to do—like reducing the traffic mess and fixing the I-405 tollways, which are imperative to our safety, economy, and well being. I will fight to get projects funded in our area that get things moving again.”

“These days the Legislature has encountered too much political bickering and special interest influence in Olympia. To me, leadership means being able to work together regardless of politics to solve problems and not being afraid to say no to your friends. Innovation, common sense, and a bipartisan approach is what we need to solve problems.”

“I plan on taking my message to the doorsteps of voters across the district. With the help of the voters, I will provide the leadership that people expect from their elected officials while getting the results they demand from their government.”

“The people of this district mean a great deal to me; they are my friends, family, and most importantly, a community with great ideas to move Washington forward. I will serve with great humility and do everything I can to prove that I am the right person for this seat come November.”


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