Mill Creek resident Peggy Lauerman chosen to be new Mill Creek Finance Director

The Parks resident Peggy Lauerman will begin her new job as Mill Creek Finance Director on May 23rd. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.
The Parks resident Peggy Lauerman will begin her new job as Mill Creek Finance Director on May 23rd. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

Mill Creek City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto announced her selection of Peggy Lauerman as the city’s Finance Director to the city council at their May 10, 2016, regular meeting.

Retired Finance Director Landy Manuel has been helping City Manager Polizzotto manage the finance department on a part-time basis for the last two months. Former Finance Director Josh Roundy resigned in March to take an accounting job with Snohomish County.

“Peggy has solid experience in financial management” said City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto.

She also has a proven success record leading turn around teams where she was tasked with reorganizing finance departments and turning annual losses into profits.”

“Her international and domestic financial management experience will bring a level of financial expertise and sophistication to the City that will allow us to continue to position the City as a municipal leader in Washington. I am excited to welcome her to the leadership team.”

Lauerman, a resident of The Parks neighborhood in Mill Creek, will begin working for the city on Monday, May 23rd.

When accepting her new position soon to be Director Lauerman said, “I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to contribute to my community in this role. The city manager and I have spoken extensively about the council’s vision and her plan for bringing that vision to life.”

“It is clear to me that there is an excitement and a passion from the top down about achieving excellence in Mill Creek.  I am honored to be a part of the leadership team that is entrusted with that vision.”

At the May 3rd city council meeting City Manager Polizzotto explained her vision for Mill Creek’s finance department and the qualities she was hoping the new finance director would have, “We look not just for accounting background, but I was looking for someone who had vast experience.”

“My goal is to transition that department (finance) to be more of an administrative services department. We would have accounting, human resource transactions, the LEAN program, and potentially some information technology.”

“So with that goal long-term, I was looking for someone who had some experience in multiple areas like that. I was also looking for someone who could assist me with the work of strategic planning and budgeting to the GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association) standards.”

Mill Creek Director of Public Information Kelly Chelin provided some information regarding Lauerman’s experience, “For the past six years, Ms. Lauerman has been the President and CEO of P. Lauerman Consulting, Inc., where she provided financial, accounting and management services to a variety of private sector clients and industries.  She has financial management experience across a broad spectrum of businesses including energy efficiency, agriculture, high tech, manufacturing, intellectual property, and paper products.”

“From 1993 to 2009, Ms. Lauerman served as the Controller/Vice President of Finance for industries in the private sector in the Seattle metropolitan area.  In this capacity, Ms. Lauerman served as a member of the senior management team and was responsible for planning, implementation, direction and leadership of finance and administrative functions including human resources and information technology.”

Prior to 1993, Ms. Lauerman spent several years as a tax supervisor in a private certified public accounting firm staffed by approximately 50 professionals where she managed tax planning and compliance.”


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