Mill Creek residents are savvy

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I have been reading comments on a regular basis by a gentleman who certainly enjoys giving his opinion on city issues and our current council. It is certainly his right.

My concern is it’s not facts, just his opinion. He provides no factual data on certain issues. He seems to enjoy demonizing those he does not like and those who disagree with his opinion.

I for one will not be relying on his opinion. I believe the residents of Mill Creek are savvy and will not follow blindly to one voice without doing their own homework on the issues in the upcoming election.

Judie Mohr
Mill Creek

Savvy residents and publishing in the local media

I have to assume Judie Mohr is referring to my various missives to the local media. Everything I have written is based on facts and almost 6 years of observations at Mill Creek City Council meetings.

Recent events at council meetings have proved that there are alternatives that are significantly less expensive than proposed by the last council and previous city manager.

The way city finances are being handled and revenues are increasing we could well be revenue neutral by the end of the 2 year budget in December of 2016.

Lately, she should have observed that for the most part the only times I comment in the local media is AFTER someone else has published.

The main problem in writing to the media is that if the article is over 200 words most will not bother to read it. Therefore, references will be omitted. One can always attend the council meetings or listen to the recordings and form their own opinion. In fact the council would appreciate a higher and more diverse attendance at council meetings.

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